Technology is both a blessing and a curse
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Technology is both a blessing and a curse

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2018 | Blog |



I was just discussing the incredible advances in technology since I graduated college in 1987. At that time, my college had a massive main frame computer that took up most of the space in an enormous room (at least it seemed that way to me). Even with all of the space and size of the equipment, that computer was not as powerful as my current Android cellular phone. The capacity of these devices is astonishing. The technology makes everything faster and more convenient.

Unfortunately, the tech has a couple of nasty side effects. Our expectations about the time it takes someone to respond to us have become unreasonable. We email something and expect an answer within a couple of hours. If we text someone and they do not immediately respond, we are put-off. And if we call someone well, I guess no one really calls anyone anymore. We seriously need a dose of patience. All of these expectations are inherently selfish. Our assumption is that whatever we need at the moment is more important than whatever the person we are attempting to contact is doing.

The other issue is the manner in which these handheld devices dominate our time. The proximity of the device and the constant availability of entertainment has made us unable to simply be still. I am not an expert in all of the ramifications of the constant entertainment, but I know that creativity and innovation require downtime. Most of my best problem solving happens when I slow down and get away from the noise.

Everyone needs a break now and then. Try leaving the phone in the car when you go for a social visit. Turn it off for a couple of hours while you are home. I know I like to forget my phone occasionally. It is amazing what you can do without it.

Stan Willis


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