New Year’s Resolution or Resolutions?
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New Year’s Resolution or Resolutions?

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2019 | Blog |



What is your New Years resolution? It is always asked, and people always dread it. You have the usual working out and becoming fit answer, the eating healthier, the making more time for myself, etc. These answers have become standards. Do people really follow their New Years resolutions?

I am not saying that people wont ever succeed with their resolutions because some people do. I am simply saying, maybe we shouldnt have just one goal. Work on being a better you. Become healthier. Make time for yourself to enjoy life. These are all important. We should always have multiple goals at work and outside of work.

Here at WSS I was making the office newsletter and I was going around asking what each persons goal was for 2019. They werent one-word answers, they were sentences describing how they would achieve these goals and they were multiple goals. Its important to have more than one goal in life. If my only goal was to read a book once a month then I wouldnt be getting very far in life. My goals should be: become a better version of me, get healthier, have more patience, clean more, and strive to be successful at work.

My challenge for you is to not just have one New Years resolution, have multiple. Be excited for 2019. Having multiple goals will help you enjoy life when you see how much you are succeeding.

Author: Kendra Kane, Marketing Associate


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