Is Time Really of the Essence?
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Is Time Really of the Essence?

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2019 | Blog |



We are a go go go society. We need to get things done. This is the American culture. This culture thinks about the individual self and how we do not have enough time to stop and chit chat. We need to get to the grocery store and get through those aisles as quick as possible. If someone needs help, most of us just keep walking because we do not have the time to answer one question or lend out a helping hand.

If we do have the time to say hey, how are you it is usually in hopes that it is going to be a simple good or fine, how are you. Have you realized that we as Americans do not truly answer that question? If we are not doing good, why do we not answer that question honestly? Is it because we want to keep to the simple quick small talk or is it because we do not want to go into detail? I am not sure about what is the right answer but, in my opinion, its because we do not want to waste each others time.

I am part of a second culture that does not view time as a priority. It is honestly a breath of fresh air. I wish that every person that is so stuck in the American way of time being the absolute essence of being would experience this culture. Now, I do get to work and appointments on time. I am not saying to throw that out the window so do not fret. I am simply saying that this culture views human interaction as a priority rather than time. For me, I think that it is important to ask if someone is okay if they are having a bad day rather than focus completely on what tasks I must get done. I am not saying to not do your job, get your job done of course. Just make sure that you are interacting with people throughout the day rather than have your head in your phone or in your computer. It could even be a simple have a great day.

I grew up in a small town where everyone knew everyone and waving to people or saying hello is a norm. Moving to Columbus was an eye opener because saying hello is not a norm here. People are busy, and I get it, but I am not afraid to give a helping hand when needed. I would rather catch up with a friend or stay after work getting to know someone than just come and go.

If you are at the grocery store, do not be afraid to help someone out if they need it. If you are driving down the street and see your neighbor out walking, smile and wave. If you are at work and getting coffee at the same time as someone else, get to know them or at least ask how their day is going. Five minutes of interaction is not going to throw your whole day off. Time is not that important, you never know what you will learn or who you will impact if you ignore time and focus on being personable.

Author: Kendra Kane, Marketing Associate


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