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A recent article published by the Columbus Bar Association struck a chord with me. We, as lawyers, try our best to explain how a traumatic event has affected a client. But we were not there. We were not in the vehicle when it was t-boned. We were not rear-ended by an 80,000 lb semi-tractor trailer in rush hour. We were not attacked by a vicious dog on a run through the neighborhood.

We need to let the client speak for himself/herself. Take the time to listen. Sit down with them. Have them open up and be vulnerable. This vulnerability and intimacy create a whole new dialogue that you may not have experienced without being proactive. This shows value. This shows compassion.

The personal injury industry is more than numbers and a settlement. Not only has one life been changed, but numerous lives as well. Routines and normalcy for a client are substantially affected after an accident. And sometimes, unfortunately, that change is devastating. Their pain not only deserves to be compensated, but it deserves to be heard.

I think this principle applies to all facets of life. No matter what industry you work in, take the time to understand your client and their needs. We work for them; they don’t work for us.

Author: Noah Kurucz



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