Post-Collision Advice: Medical Billing Companies Are Lying to You
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Post-Collision Advice: Medical Billing Companies Are Lying to You

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2020 | General Practice/Litigation/Appeals, Personal Injury/Auto Accidents |



Car accidents are inconvenient at best and catastrophic at worse. Before many victims have even filed a claim, there are shady law firms showing up at your doorstep asking you to sign contracts, phone calls from unknown numbers lying to you about which doctors your insurance company allegedly requires you to see, and advertisements with gimmicks and false promises stuffed in your mailbox. Dont be blood for the sharks. This blog series is meant to actually help victims of car crashes. And when the time is right, call us to set up a free consultation. I will meet you where it is convenient. I have helped thousands of victims recover millions of dollars in damages. I will give you an honest assessment of your case, and I will personally take your case to trial to get the results you deserve.

Is a half-truth a lie? I think so. I believe most people would agree. Read below. If you disagree, email me and tell me why or why not.

Within two weeks of an accident, you will start getting letters from medical billing companies stating something like this:

When you were seen at ABC ER on 1/1/2020 it was documented in your records that your injuries were a result of an automobile accident. However, ABC, LLC was not provided your automobile insurance company information. Typically when an emergency visit is related to an automobile accident, the auto insurance company is billed first prior to billing any medical insurance carrier.

We are requesting you contact us at 1-888-XYZ-3333 with your auto insurance company information

The letters then go on to tell you that if you are not using automobile insurance you must call to confirm your health insurance information over the phone. (You must confirm so that a representative can try to persuade you otherwise.)

Its all a scam. Heres why. Medical Billing companies want your medical payments coverage.

Medical payments coverage is a no-fault coverage that you can use for medical related expenses after a crash. Most people carry medical payments coverage in increments of $1,000, $5,000, and $10,000. There are higher amounts, though its rare and usually unnecessary. Medical billing companies want your medical payments coverage over your health insurance because the billing companies know that health insurance requires them to reduce their bills to a contract rate.

Heres an example:

Scenario 1 with Health Insurance: I am seen at the emergency room. I have a $5,000 bill owed after a crash. I use my health insurance. My bill is reduced to $2,250, and I have an outstanding balance of $150 for my co-pay (which is paid at the end of your case.) If you have government-backed health care, the hospital is paid even less.

Scenario 2 without Health Insurance: I am seen in the emergency room. I have a $5,000 bill owed after a crash. I give my personal automobile insurance policy information. I have $5,000 in medical payments coverage. The hospital immediately takes all $5,000 of my medical payments coverage from me, leaving me no money for my prescriptions and other medical devices. I now have to pay out-of-pocket for everything else.

NO. This is not okay. Letters like the one above are misleading. Medical payments coverage is not meant for medical billers that can use your health insurance. It is supposed to be used to help with unexpected medical expenses or potentially doctors that are out-of-network. And medical billers know it. There is an Ohio statute requiring in-network providers to bill your health insurance company! Letters like the one above are written by lawyers to help billers slide past their statutory requirements.

If you call the number and provide your health insurance information, you will be told that the company needs your automobile insurance policy number. If you insist on using health insurance, you will be placed on a brief hold, and then they might accept your insurance information.

And sometimes they wont. Sometimes I have to send letters citing the law and telling the billers why they are violating the law. Its part of my fight for the client.

If you are injured in a crash, save yourself the headache of medical payments coverage, billing companies, subrogation notices, and $500 settlement offers from adjusters. Call our office. We will assist you with every step and maximize the value of your case.

Attorney Ashley Rutherford Starling

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