Should I Hire a Workers’ Comp Attorney?
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Should I Hire a Workers’ Comp Attorney?

by | Apr 21, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |



So, you just got hurt at work. First off, I am sorry this has happened to you. Getting hurt is not a fun experience and now you have the added joy of this happening at work.

In Ohio, all work injuries must go through the workers’ compensation system. What does this mean? It means, that your private insurance will not pay for your medical treatment to get better. To get medical treatment you must file a request with the state-funded insurance company (MCO) or directly with your employer if they are self-insured.

Okay, that doesn’t sound so bad right?

Won’t your employer take care of everything?

Unfortunately, your employer has zero responsibility to take care of things for you. Which leads us to the top 5 signs, you need an attorney.

1. You are getting medical bills:
If your employer has told you, they are taking care of things but you are personally getting medical bills, it is a big red flag.
It can be a sign of many issues, but first and foremost it shows your employer is not helping you.

2. Your employer wants a recorded statement either by phone or in person on video:
This is not the employer trying to understand the facts. This is the employer getting evidence to use against you. It is a red flag that they intend to fight your claim.

3. Your employer demands you report to a certain doctor or facility after your accident:
To be clear you can see any doctor you want, so long as, they have a special workers compensation certification.
This is a red flag that the employer wants you to use a doctor that will help them fight your claim.

4. Your employer fires you for getting hurt:

5. You have received a hearing notice or attended a hearing:
This means that your employer is fighting your claim.
You must prove, with specific evidence, that you are right, and your employer and/or the state are wrong. Even if the employer is the one who appealed you as the injured person will carry the burden of proving the case.
No representative will be provided for you by your employer or the state.
This will result in a legal decision that must be responded to within a specific timeframe. Failure to respond could result in your claim/benefits being denied.

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