Construction workers should worry about these accidents
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Construction workers should worry about these accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

Even though construction workers and their employers take steps to prevent workplace accidents, there’s no guaranteed way to ensure that trouble will never hit.

As a construction worker, knowledge of common causes of accidents can help you change your approach to avoid trouble. Here are a few of the many types of accidents that can cause serious injury:

  • Motor vehicle accidents: For example, if someone is operating a bulldozer close to where you’re working, there’s always a chance it could strike you. Protect against this by letting the operator know that you’re working in the area and by wearing bright colored clothing.
  • Fall from height: Working at height is a regular occurrence for many construction workers. Maybe you spend hours on end on a ladder or scaffolding. Or maybe your job calls for you to climb onto and off of roofs all day long. When working at height, your safety must come first. For example, safety harnesses are necessary when working on a roof, which can help prevent a fall to the ground if you slip.
  • Tool accidents: There is no shortage of tools on construction sites. This includes everything from power tools, such as a circular saw, to hand tools, such as a drill. When used properly, a tool can provide efficient service. But even then, one misstep can result in an accident.
  • Slip-and-fall: Even if you don’t fall from height, you could still suffer an injury. Construction sites aren’t known for being clean. From tools to scrap material to uneven ground, every step you take can be a challenge. The best ways to protect against a slip-and-fall are to watch your steps and do your part in maintaining a clean work space.

If you’re injured on a job site, assess your situation and then report the incident to your supervisor or HR contact. Even if you don’t suspect a serious injury, you should still receive medical care. Your doctor can provide an accurate diagnosis along with steps on what to do next.

Should you be unable to immediately return to work, the next step in the process is filing a workers’ compensation claim.

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