How to Get Through August and the Rest of 2020
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How to Get Through August and the Rest of 2020

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2020 | Blog |


This year sure has been interesting, to say the least. Almost everyone has been impacted by the pandemic, the economy, and the growing anxiety that has surrounded us since early March.

Social media has been nothing but one negative post after the next. For someone that is on social media most of the day, it can get overwhelming. Most people have been forced into taking a “social media cleanse” due to the anxiety that it causes to see a new update or mandate every single day.

We are anxious for the health and safety of those around us, most of our summer plans have been ruined, and we really do not know what is going to happen next

One thing that has helped me through all of this is, knowing there is something positive that can happen each day. I am in no way a Positive Penelope throughout my entire day but if I can get up and make a list of what I am grateful for, thank God for them, and continue on throughout my morning routine; my day starts off with a different outlook.

These past few months have been tough, and it may or may not get easier.

However, throughout the past months we still have things to be grateful for.

We have been able to witness people and businesses lending a helping hand to others. People are spending more time outdoors taking walks, hiking, and saying hi to their neighbors. Mother’s Day was not normal at all but being able to sidewalk chalk the parking lot at my Grandma’s assisted living facility was a memory I will never forget. Quarantine puppies have become a popular fad, so much so that I got a quarantine puppy myself and love seeing other new quarantine puppies. Social media has been overwhelming, like mentioned above, but I really do appreciate the satirical memes about 2020 that people are posting.

Times are stressful and the unknown is worrisome but if we find at least one thing to be grateful for and trust in God to deal with what’s next, I am sure we can get through August and the rest of 2020 together.


Kendra Kane – Marketing Associate

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