What Are My Rights After a Car Accident? | Attorney Columbus Ohio
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What Are My Rights After a Car Accident? | Attorney Columbus Ohio

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2021 | Personal Injury/Auto Accidents |

Video Transcript

I’m often asked, ‘what are my rights after a car accident?’ Hi, I’m Ashley Starling with Willis Spangler Starling and I’m here to help.

First and foremost, if you were severely injured, immediately call 9-1-1 and go to the hospital. The rest can wait. Second, call the police. The police can help make sure that you get all of the other driver’s identifying information and they can take a report for you. This will provide you with information later if necessary if you have to file a lawsuit. If you feel ok to get out of your vehicle, there are many things you can do to help yourself later in the process. First, take photos of the other person’s vehicle. That will help you later when insurance companies want to tell you that you couldn’t have been injured in that crash because your vehicle doesn’t have enough property damage. Often times, the person that caused the crash has more damage than what is shown on your vehicle. Second, take a photo of the other person’s drivers license, their insurance car and their license plate. That will help us track them down later, especially if they have a common name like John Doe. Something that would be very difficult for us to find.

Make sure you call the police and you file a police report. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the police are not always showing up if you are able to get out of your vehicle and be transported privately to the hospital. So make sure you get all the identifying information and you make the report yourself. Consult an attorney before ever speaking to an insurance company. Do not talk to the other party’s insurance company. Do not accept any type of offer from the other insurance company without consulting an attorney.

There are so many things we can do to make this process so much easier for you. Do not feel bad for protecting your rights. You are the victim. If you have questions, please call me. I’m Ashley Starling at Willis Spangler Starling. I practice only personal injury claims which include car crashes, truck crashes, and dog bites and I’m here to help you. Call us today.

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