Severance Or Separation Agreements
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Severance Or Separation Agreements

When an employer fires an employee, the employer may offer what is called a “severance” or “separation” agreement. This is basically a written contract in which the employer agrees to pay the employee money and perhaps provide other non-monetary benefits in exchange for the employee giving up any right to sue the employer for wrongful termination or anything else. If you have been offered one of these agreements, you should review it carefully to ensure the employer is not taking advantage of you.

Willis Spangler Starling can help. Many times, employers try to sneak in non-compete agreements prohibiting you from working for a competitor, confidentiality agreements, or other onerous terms such as liquidated damages provisions if you say something negative about the company. We can review your severance or separation agreement and give you peace of mind about the terms that are in the document. Our review may also determine the employer should be paying you more for giving up your right to sue because you have a meritorious wrongful termination claim. In that case, we can negotiate with the employer on your behalf and potentially increase the amount of money you are being offered or obtain more favorable non-monetary benefits. Call 614-721-6305 to set up a free consultation today.

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