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Defending You Against Impending Foreclosure Actions

Dealing with financial issues can put a strain on all aspects of your life. Some financial challenges can leave you facing the possibility of losing your home and the prospect of foreclosure. However, you have options to fight the foreclosure and work to keep your home whenever possible.

At the office of Willis Spangler Starling in Columbus, we provide comprehensive foreclosure defense representation to clients across the state of Ohio. Our lawyers and staff are compassionate in their approach with clients, as we understand the stress that foreclosure can cause. We work tirelessly to see that you can keep your property. If we cannot, we help you understand how this may be a first step forward for you.

Time is of the essence in foreclosure matters. If you are concerned that your house may go into foreclosure or have been notified that a foreclosure action is moving forward, get in touch with us immediately. The earlier you reach out to us in the process, the more likely it may be that we can stop the foreclosure.

Foreclosure Defense Options

You do not just have to accept that your home is going into foreclosure. There are ways we can fight foreclosure, including a loan modification, refinancing and other workouts with your lender. We also can examine the lender’s practices to determine if any of them are unlawful. If so, we will fight in or out of court to show that the lender’s illegal practices should not be cause for your foreclosure. In addition to these remedies, bankruptcy is an option that can help stop a foreclosure from moving forward.

Stopping A Foreclosure With Bankruptcy

When you file for bankruptcy, an automatic stay is put in place and all creditor actions must stop. Depending on which chapter you choose (Chapter 7 or 13), you have different methods of trying to keep the property being foreclosed upon.

  • If you file Chapter 7 during a foreclosure proceeding, the Common Pleas Court will suspend the action until the creditor is granted relief from the stay or the bankruptcy is discharged. If you are still interested in retaining your home, you may be able to work out a loan modification with your lender. You also always have the option to cure the deficiency up until the date of the sale.
  • If you file Chapter 13, you may try to save your property by repaying the deficit amount over the next three to five years. Remember, you will also be required to continue making your monthly mortgage payment as well. A Chapter 13 plan is a great way to help you meet your monthly payment obligations, and it allows you to retain assets such as your house that you were in danger of losing.

Talk To Us About Keeping Your Home

To learn more about foreclosure defense and how our firm confidently handles these types of cases, schedule your free consultation with a member of our highly skilled legal team today. Call us at 614-721-6305 or contact us online.

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