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Social Security Disability: An Overview

At Willis Spangler Starling, we represent individuals who are seeking disability benefits and need the assistance of an attorney who understands this complex process. This system is heavily laden with rules, regulations and procedures, and sometimes those who seek these Social Security benefits can fall through the cracks.

Here To Act As Your Strongest Advocate

Our team has spent more than 25 years helping people just like you file for Social Security Disability benefits. We act as both a guide and adviser, staying with your claim until it has been fully reviewed and, if necessary, appealed. Clients throughout Ohio have trusted us when it has mattered most.

If your disability claim has been denied, it may mean you are facing loss of health insurance and possible foreclosure or just struggling to meet basic needs. With our help, you can file an appeal. It must be written and received within 60 days, where the Social Security Administration will then review your case. Most often, you do not need to be present. We can help you build the strongest possible case. Don’t give up. We’re here to help.

Call Today To Discuss Your Case

If you have held a job over the last five years, a portion of your paycheck has gone to Social Security. This means that you are may be entitled to a portion. We can help you fight for what is rightfully yours. Schedule a free consultation with one of our Social Security Disability attorneys today. Call our Columbus office at 614-721-6305.

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