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If You’ve Been Injured At Work, You May Be Entitled To Compensation

At Willis Spangler Starling, we help people who sustain work-related injuries through the entire process of obtaining workers’ compensation. This includes litigation, appeals and appearances before the Industrial Commission of Ohio and local courts. We represent employees who are injured on the job in claims for lost wages and medical expenses against private industry, state and local government employers.

What You Should Know

Clients from all walks of life come to us and are overwhelmed with their options. You may be unsure how to move forward. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our clients. We will listen to your concerns and discuss all of the possible options. We will work together to fight for you and what you’re entitled to.

If any of your injuries were caused by your work duties, you may have a claim. You could be entitled to medical treatment, lost wages, disability awards and potentially a lump-sum settlement. It is important to know that it doesn’t matter if you were partially responsible for your injury, the company can still be held liable. We can also hold other parties accountable, including the manufacturer of machinery, a driver or another insurance company.

Many clients come to us and assume that their health insurance will cover their workplace injury. However, health insurers will not cover work injuries and may even require you to pay them back for medical services they suspect to be work-related. We can honestly assess your case and determine how to move forward.

Don’t Wait; Call Today

Schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys today. At Willis Spangler Starling, we believe it is our privilege to serve our clients and will treat you and your case with the respect you deserve. Call our office today at 614-721-6305 or fill out our contact form.

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