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Even In The Workplace, You Have Rights

At Willis Spangler Starling, we represent employees and labor unions in their employment and labor law matters exclusively. If you or your labor union has been wronged by an employer, then our firm can help. We have helped clients throughout Ohio understand their rights in the workplace.

Trust A Firm That Puts Your Needs First

At our firm, we handle each case with compassion. Our attorneys are here to be your strongest advocate. You may be facing medical bills and questioning what your future looks like. We answer your questions and address your concerns, so you can rest assured that your needs are our top priority. We handle a variety of employment issues, including:

For labor unions, our firm offers representation in arbitrations on employee discipline or discharge, arbitrations over contract interpretation, and interest arbitration proceedings. We can also litigate unfair labor practice charges, litigate various petitions, and provide advice on all other aspects of the employer-union relationship. It is often an uneven legal playing field, and we can help you stand your ground. You deserve upstanding legal representation.

Call Today; We Can Help

Your job has a massive influence on your life, and it’s important to protect yourself. Our attorneys are here to guide you in the right direction. Call our office in Columbus today at 614-721-6305 or fill out our contact form.

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